Pic contest Winners list

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Pic contest Winners list:

1st prize: #F

2nd prize: #E

3rd prize: #A

Congratulations !


1st : #F

1st : #F

2nd: #E

2nd: #E

3rd: #A

3rd: #A

Picture contest : Save Sarah Connor … win a T:SCC DVD !

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Picture contest : Save Sarah Connor … win a T:SCC DVD !

Attending to San Diego Comic-Con, or Bear McCreary’s concert take a picture of yourself showing you support Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles…


…win a Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles DVD !

1st Prize: T:SCC Season 1 OR Season 2 DVD (your choice)


2nd Prize: T:SCC Original soundtrack from Bear McCreary (audio CD)


3rd Prize: 500 ‘Save Sarah Connor’ Stickers


Save Sarah Connor, and Have fun !

Send your pictures to m33m33@ymail.com   (tell if ‘yes or no’ you want to show them on this blog)

#No fate


You can get stickers from http://www.savethescc.com/stickers.html if you want to get some or print them yourself (on stickers, labels or transfert paper).

You can get T:SCC T-shirts from http://www.cafepress.com/SavetheSCC

San Diego Comic-Con 09 – 23-26th of July: http://www.comic-con.org

Bear McCreary concert in San Diego 23-25 of July: http://www.bearmccreary.com/blog/?p=2087

The contest end on 31th July 2009, 00:00 GMT.

In case of multiple posts of the same picture, the first sender only will be retained.

You can take multiples pictures or yourself, and stickers. The best of all will be retained for the contest.

All items will be ordered from Amazon.com.

Please plaster only what really belongs to You, keep it safe.

A few pictures from SDCC and T:SCC fans (more are participating the contest, but don’t want to show here).








Bonus pics:





Winners list

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Winners list (name or nickname):

  1. Oraliax
  2. Pukin Dawgs
  3. Alex
  4. Ryan
  5. Heidi
  6. Joe Hummrich
  7. Kong Sao
  8. RatManDo
  9. Ant – (http://www.comiccon.us)
  10. Ilyea
  11. MisterSh0w
  12. Danniel Zamora
  13. Damian Zamora
  14. outphase
  15. heihachi80
  16. Dio (SatelliteFeed) Chronopoulos
  17. Mike Ianneo
  18. Horse_Head
  19. Michael
  20. thadgann
  21. Samantha
  22. Kraulspaceawaiting
  23. Mike – (http://www.terminatorpodcast.com)
  24. Rob – (http://downtownrob.com)
  25. SCC – (http://www.socalcomics.com)
  26. Michael – (http://www.ComicBookCollectorsBlog.com)
  27. AFX – (http://www.shopafx.com)
  28. Mike – (http://www.romitaman.com)
  29. Shaun
  30. ComicKaze – (http://www.myspace.com/comickazecomics)
  31. Ryan – (http://bit.ly/17PeHJ)
  32. Louis
  33. Rebecca
  34. Brittanie
  35. Zadokite
  36. Mandosis.

Stickers giveaway – Comic Con 09 – Save Sarah Connor !

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To the first 100 replies to my mailbox:  m_33@savethescc.com

The idea is simple: attending to the Comic-Con 2009, just label yourself with a « Save Sarah Connor » sticker.

Location : Comic-Con 2009 – San Diego Convention Center July 23–26

This giveway is posted on TerminatorWiki, OperationSaveSarah forum, WB forum, Twitter …
The first 100 replies over all will get free stickers.
The giveway ends at 100th reply, or the 23th July 09.

Replies with a proof that you own a ticket to Comic-Con will be processed first.
Do not post here, hide the barcode and personal data if you like, and send it by email with your reply. (EDIT: if you don’t have your registration card yet or will get it later, I’m cool with that I will trust you).

The winners list will be published here : https://m33m33.wordpress.com

No Fate!

Related links:
Sticker preview (thanks RoxyB for creating the Stickers, and S&H)
SaveTheSCC website: http://www.savethescc.com
OperationSaveSarah website: http://www.operationsavesarah.wordpress.com/
OPSCC forum : http://operationsavesarah.wordpress.com/ossforums/
TerminatorWiki: http://terminatorwiki.fox.com/page/Stickers+giveaway+%E2%80%93++Comic+Con+09+-+Save+Sarah+Connor+!
My twitter: http://www.twitter.com/m_33

Stickers Giveaway

Stickers Giveaway


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